10 fat burner dishes simple to make

How about making delicious and tasty dishes during your fat burning diet ? With these ideas recipes, you can make good food with food according to your diet to burn fat. From the starter to the dessert and the main course, I propose in this article 10 ideas for quick and easy preparations to prepare ! With these suggestions, you will find it easier to make dishes according to your diet and you can treat your taste buds as well as those of your family!

So, ready to put you in the kitchen?

Recipe burns fat: 10 ideas of simple dishes to concoct

With these fat burning recipe ideas, you can vary the flavors and make you happy without making a difference in your diet. So do not hesitate to cook and cook good food!

here is 10 recipes ideas that are varied and easy to prepare.

Chicken in foil and leeks

As part of your fat burning diet, white meat is allowed. It must be said that it has everything to please: it is rich in protein and low in fat. So, if you want to prepare a simple dish and rich in flavor, here is the one of the chicken in foil and leeks. To do this, clean and slice three leeks and place them on four sheets of parchment paper.

Then take a lemon and get four strips of its zest, then put them in boiling water. Drain them and repeat this same operation, but in another water. Once this step is done, cut them with a chisel and slice two tomatoes into slices.

Place a chicken breast on each parchment paper, arrange a few slices of tomatoes, lemon peel and a few tarragon leaves on each. Salt, pepper, add a little lemon juice, close each foil and bake for 25 minutes at 210 ° C.

Endive salad with walnuts

Endive is a vegetable fat burning par excellence and nuts are nuts known for their appetite suppressant effect. So why not make a salad with these two foods? To do this, gather: 10 walnut kernels, 1 endive, 10 g of grated Gruyère, half of an apple and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. For seasoning, mix in a bowl 60 g of white cheese without any fat, 5 cl of milk and 1 teaspoon of paprika.

Once your sauce is finished, here are the steps to prepare your endive salad with walnut kernels : remove the endive root and damaged parts, wash it and cut it into thin slices. Then peel the apple and cut it into thin slices. Add these two ingredients to a salad bowl and stir in the nuts, lemon juice and grated cheese.

Finally, pour your sauce prepared beforehand on your salad.

Eggplant caviar

Want to make a dish unusual? Choose the eggplant caviar ! To prepare it, you simply have to wash four aubergines and bake them for 30 minutes while turning them occasionally. Once tender, take them out of the oven, recover their flesh with a spoon and pass it in the blender with a peeled garlic clove, a white cheese with 0% fat, the juice of a lemon, a little Cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Serve your caviar in small verrines and enjoy!

Green beans salad with ginger and turkey

Here is a fresh and healthy salad to taste, especially during the summer period: the green bean salad-ginger-turkey. Here’s his recipe: cook 15 minutes steaming 40 g turkey cutlet and let them cool. Put your beans (about a handful) in boiling water for 6 minutes before letting them cool as well.

Then cut a celery stalk into pieces, rinse a bundle of radish and cut these radishes into thin slices. For the beans, cut them into sections too and for the meat, also detail it in small pieces.

Add the vegetables and turkey to a salad bowl and pour in your dressing (in a bowl, mix 2 tablespoons olive oil, 3 tablespoons cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, salt and pepper).

Iced white cheese with red berries

Here’s a perfect fat-burning recipe for finishing a meal: from Iced white cheese with red berries. To prepare it, the necessary ingredients are: 800 g of non-fat cottage cheese, 1 lemon, 4 tablespoons of agave syrup and some red berries to decorate.

As soon as these ingredients are collected, take three strips of lemon zest, put them in boiling water for 30 seconds, drain them before starting again with clean water. Then chop them finely.

In a bowl, mix the agave syrup, the cottage cheese, the lemon zest and put this preparation in the freezer for 3 – 4 hours (remember to stir every 45 minutes to break the crystals formed because of the ice) . Then serve your ice cream, but remember to put some red berries on it to decorate your dessert.

Tuna Verrine – Avocado

An express fat burning recipe, does that tell you? Opt for them tuna and avocado verrines. The preparation steps are: cut, pit and empty half of a avocado, then mix the meat with a box of natural tuna, an egg yolk, a tablespoon of mustard and 100 g of cottage cheese at 0% fat.

Pour your mixture into several verrines and sprinkle with chopped parsley and a little paprika.

Zucchini tagliatelle with salmon

Here’s another original fat-burning recipe: zucchini tagliatelle with salmon. For this dish, you need: 1 slab of salmon, 1 zucchini and 1 tablespoon of low-fat cheese.

Do you have these three ingredients? Peel the zucchini and form tagliatelle (take a thrifty) and cook for 12 minutes the salmon steamed. 5 minutes before the end of cooking, add your zucchini tagliatelle.

Put some tagliatelle on a plate, place the salmon on top and sprinkle with lightened fresh cheese.

Omelette with young shoots and fresh cheese

To accompany a salad, here is a recipe foromelette with young shoots and fresh cheese. To make it, you must have these ingredients: 200 g of fromage frais, 8 eggs, some young shoots (about a handful), 2 tablespoons of oat bran, salt, pepper and a little cayenne pepper or Espelette.

In a bowl, beat the eggs with the oat bran, pepper, pepper and salt. Pour this mixture into a pan in which you have poured a drizzle of olive oil. As soon as your mixture is poured, immediately add the chopped fresh cheese and the young shoots.

Leave your omelette on the heat for a few minutes and remove it as soon as it is taken, but it is runny.

Place some young shoots on top for decoration and sprinkle with a little chilli. Serve your omelette right away.

Shrimps seasoned with ginger

Shrimp are a crustacean rich in good fats and having an appetite suppressant effect. So here’s a recipe that fits perfectly with a fat-burning diet: ginger shrimp. The ingredients needed for this fat-burning recipe are: 10 raw shrimp, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1/2 cm of ginger, 1 teaspoon of paprika and turmeric, 1/4 cup of clove. garlic.

Once these ingredients together, proceed to the preparation: grated peeled garlic and ginger. In a skillet, cook the olive oil and add all the ingredients of the recipe. Cook over low heat until the shrimp is cooked.

Shiratakis with Bolognese sauce

Pasta Bolognese … Here is a dish easy to prepare and very appreciated, but here I present you a variant of this famous recipe: shiratakis with Bolognese sauce.

Note: shiratakis are very thin Japanese vermicelli made from konjac.

For this recipe fat burner, you must have in your closets: a bag of shiratakis, 100 g of low-fat ground beef, 1/4 clove of garlic, 10 cl of tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon d olive oil and half an onion.

For the preparation, you must first put the shiratakis in boiling water and let them boil for a few minutes. As soon as you judge cooking good, drain them.

Then go to the preparation of the Bolognese. For this, take a pan and put to heat a little olive oil. Add the peeled garlic and the onion that you have peeled and chopped. Then add the meat and cook for about 10 minutes. As soon as the time is up, add the Shiratakis and the tomato sauce. Cook for another 2 minutes and serve.

With these 10 fat burning recipe ideas, you can now get into the kitchen without the fear of preparing too rich and unadapted dishes. With these dishes, you can eat well balanced and healthy while eliminating fat from your body.

So, do not be afraid and prepare good food by helping yourself from this list!