Best dietary supplement for weight loss: our top 5

Food supplements have become for many years allies slimming. Their innovative formula, based on natural ingredients can meet different needs of our body. But also to give you a boost to lose your extra pounds, especially thanks to their appetite suppressant and burn fat.

In this complete comparison 2018, we present you the five most effective solutions to find the line. Food supplements that will allow you to burn your fat stock, but also reduce your appetite.

The best dietary supplement for weight loss: PhenQ

After testing the major dietary supplements to slim down, we have come to the conclusion that the most effective, and certainly the most complete of all is. Indeed, this slimming capsule combines the two key effects to get rid of your extra pounds: fat burning and hunger suppressing effect.

Indeed, PhenQ helps reduce your appetite, burn fat stored by your body. But also to prevent your body from producing new ones. Its formula rich in natural ingredients also allows your body to produce more energy, and to be in a better mood. Two essential elements to help you lose weight.

An efficiency that stems from its 100% natural composition

In the composition of PhenQ, we find:

  • Capsicum: a pepper extract known to boost your energy expenditure, reduce appetite and oxidize stored fat by the body;
  • Piperine: a molecule of the alkaloids group that helps reduce bad cholesterol, and reduce the glycemic level in the blood;
  • Niacin: or vitamin B3, which allows to drain fatty tissue and burn efficiently stored fat by the body;
  • Calcium carbonate: present in the milk, in particular, this micronutriment makes it possible to regulate your digestion, and not to store new greases;
  • Chromium picolinate: an essential micronutrient to regulate your hormones and stabilize your blood sugar level;
  • Nopal fiber: this Mexican cactus makes it easier to get rid of its fat stores;
  • L-carnitine: an amino acid that accelerates human metabolism and helps eliminate stored fat more quickly. Attention, it is effective only if you exercise regularly Magnesium: an essential mineral that, if it does not directly lose weight, improves the quality of your sleep and effectively fight against stress.

Made by a European laboratory known for its slimming formulas (the Bayer Laboratory, which also markets the Phen24), PhenQ has already made nearly 200,000 customers satisfied with its prowess. Available without a prescriptionyou can easily find it online or in a pharmacy. Two safe points of sale, which will allow you to avoid counterfeits. The recommended dosage is two capsules a day: preferably in the morning and midday, to avoid the risk of insomnia. Stick to this dosage to avoid possible side effects.

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2. Garcinia Cambogia Healthy Life with Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia Healthy Life is a slimming product that offers its users several actions allowing a fast and optimal weight loss (up to 10 kg in seven weeks depending on the manufacturer): reduction of the feeling of hunger for less eating, increased energy to feel fit and stimulation of metabolism to lose more weight. These different effects are due to hydroxycitric acid.

Other benefits of this dietary supplement: nothing requires you to follow a drastic diet and to practice sports intensively. Garcinia Cambogia Healthy Life works without the implementation of these habits.

Garcinia Cambogia Healthy Life is therefore effective for losing weight easily. But do not forget respect the dosage indicated on the packaging to avoid side effects.

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3. Keto Weight Loss Plus to lose weight with ketosis

Unlike other slimming products, Keto Weight Loss Plus acts to produce the effect of ketosis ; a state in which the body burns fat instead of carbohydrates. Thanks to this action, the abdominal fat is eliminated and the extra pounds lost!

Unlike the keto diet that causes side effects, Keto Weight Loss Plus does not cause any. In addition, this slimming product consists ofnatural ingredients, which is reassuring.

The dosage of this slimming product must be followed: two capsules a day with water. In terms of your diet, focus on fat and avoid carbohydrates.

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4. Phen24, the slimming supplement that works differently day and night

Phen24 is a fairly recent food supplement that has become known thanks to its exclusive formula. Indeed, the latter proposes a different formula on the day of the night to help you lose weight healthily without affecting your sleep. Indeed, good sleep is essential not only for morale, but also to get rid of his extra pounds more efficiently.

In the formula day, we therefore essentially find active ingredients (such as caffeine or guarana) known to boost metabolism. And accelerate the burning of fat. In the formula night, on the other hand, no stimulants (that can cause insomnia), but only ingredients to limit cravings, and sleep better.

As a result, by eliminating the calories you eat and preventing the storage of new fat and limiting your appetite, Phen24 helps you lose weight more easily. It is also a dietary supplement initially designed for people who are overweight or obese.

The advantage of this slimming supplement is its natural composition, which limits the potential side effects and contraindications. Be careful though if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Phen24 is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. As well as diabetics or people with depression. To limit the risks, and although Phen24 is available without a prescription, consult a doctor before beginning your cure.

And not to buy a counterfeit, go directly to the manufacturer’s website. You can also benefit from interesting promotions (up to 120 euros discount). And an effective money back guarantee for 60 days.

To order Phen24, visit the official website.

5. Raspberry Ketone

To finish this comparison, we wanted to introduce you, an ultra efficient fat burner that owes its name to its main ingredient. Raspberry ketone. This substance is very interesting for losing weight, and will help you get back into the line in a few weeks of cure only.

Among the other ingredients of this dietary supplement to slim down, we also find:

  • mango extract;
  • resveratrol (a natural antioxidant);
  • green tea extract: known for its draining powers and appetite suppressants;
  • apple cider vinegar;
  • brown algae;
  • grapefruit extract;
  • and finally, caffeine.

Specifically, the Raspberry Ketone will help you reduce your hunger. And therefore limit your daily calorie intake. This dietary supplement also boosts the metabolism, to stimulate fat burning and increase your energy levels. It stops to finish the production of new fats.

As for the dosage, it will take your supplement once a day, with a large glass of water. A healthier lifestyle is also needed to achieve the desired results. You will need to balance your diet, but also put yourself to work to lose weight healthier and longer.

Honorable Mentions

You now know the five most effective dietary supplements to lose weight.

We could have also presented two very effective alternatives. And especially the Capsiplex. Composed of four natural products (piperine, caffeine and niacin), this supplement helps burn calories, accelerate metabolism, and reduce the fat level of your body. However, be aware of side effects and potential contraindications, which call for caution and the accompaniment of a health professional. You must take it once a day, before eating and with a large glass of water.

Another recognized slimming solution: the unique Hoodia. A very effective appetite suppressant that will allow you to reduce your portions. And so to lose weight. Composed of a variety of cactus, but also piperine and green tea, it allows you to better manage your calorie intake, and therefore your intake (and weight loss). However, be careful with side effects, including hydration during your cure.

How do dietary supplements work?

Slimming food supplements work in different ways to help you lose weight. The most effective will therefore insist on the following effects.

Fat absorption

The main advantage of a dietary supplement to lose weight is that it helps you absorb the fat that you ingest before they are stored by your body. It is they who are responsible for your weight gain. And by preventing your body from absorbing them, you will be able to significantly reduce your caloric intake. And so find your line.

Look for a supplement that prevents your body from digesting lipids. Especially if your slimming goal is to find a flat stomach. Because the abdominal fat is the most recalcitrant.

The draining effect

To get rid of your extra pounds, you’ll also need a boost to eliminate the fat reserves in your body. This is exactly what Supplements burn fat. Herbal as the prickly pear or artichoke, they will also allow you to limit water retention. And so to “deflate visibly”.

The appetite suppressants

Finally, the problems of overweight can also come from a diet too rich (fat and sugar). And difficulties to limit portions and desires to nibble. Many dietary supplements for slimming offer. By sending your brain the message that it has eaten enough. You will have less appetite and can effectively reduce your daily calorie intake. And thus lose weight more easily.

The increase in energy expenditure

Lastly, supplements burn fat will allow you to better spend the calories you consume. Indeed, to lose weight, it is important to find a balance between your caloric intake, and your energy expenditure. By boosting your metabolism, slimming capsules will turn your fat store into energy. And so help you eliminate them.

Be careful, because to be effective, a dietary supplement must first and foremost be accompanied by changes in your lifestyle and diet. A balanced diet and regular physical activity and support are essential to effectively lose your extra pounds. And especially do not take them back.

Verdict: how to choose a dietary supplement to lose weight

To choose your weight loss supplement from the solutions we have just presented to you, base yourself on your goals. For a more progressive weight loss and in case of slight overweight, the Phen24 is the most indicated. Overweight or obese people will be able to turn to PhenQ, which is more drastic in its effects.

For the rest, learn about the ingredients in each of these slimming capsules. And consider your history and possible contraindications. It is therefore advisable to ask your doctorwho will advise you according to your needs, and your current situation.