Best medication for fast weight loss, with & without prescription

In a society where it is essential to always look fit, slim and healthy, the extra pounds don’t get a good press. Especially since prejudices have a hard life and even impact the professional lives of people who are very overweight. We imagine them to be more lazy, less combative, less effective. Discrimination that can cause great damage. Similarly, being overweight can lead to serious health problems. However, obesity is on the rise, even in France, and affects all social classes and all ages. If you have enough extra pounds and you are rethinking the way you eat, we have some tips to give you.

What is a weight loss medication?

The body, of course, stores fat. The reasons are age-old: The body retains fat to prevent the possibility of hunger. Similarly, women have fat reserves to allow them to develop an embryo under the best conditions. Yet, these innate gestures of the body, which are not controlled, and which ensure its survival, have been misappropriated. The abundance of food and sedentary lifestyle are just a few of the reasons.

Losing weight is a first step, but what if it were possible to burn fat? What if some products did better and reduced your appetite? It would then be easier for you to lose those damn pounds! The 5 products we offer you here, will be shock allies for the loss of your kilos and this, without you losing energy. Ready to get to know these new friends of your future slimming?

We must not confuse “slimming product” and “slimming drug”! In the second case, the Marketing Authorization criteria are rigorous, and medically tested through clinical studies.

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They are known for their effectiveness on the body. By using them in addition to a varied and balanced diet and exercise, they will allow you to quickly achieve your goals.

The drug Xenical, a treatment approved by the WHO

  • Product presentation :

Everyone knows, at least by name, this famous product that allows you to lose weight and has been since 1998! Yes, this supplement has been slimming men and women for more than 20 years. This recognized branded dietary supplement limits the absorption of fat in the body. To take Xenical, it is better to have a BMI of 30, but it is possible for some people with a BMI of only 27 to take it. In this case, it allows people with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol to lose weight quickly. This weight loss is essential for their health.

  • Fat-burning ingredients and active ingredient:

Orlistat is the active ingredient in this food supplement to be taken with meals. It controls the dispersion of fats in the body, which are divided by three. By concentrating them, Xenical allows them to be easily evacuated with the stool. Xenical is sold in tablet form. You can take a maximum of 3 per day with your meals (you will then have 3x 120mg of Orlistat). It is possible to see convincing results as early as 8 weeks. By combining this food supplement with less caloric meals and by moving more, you will see your body refine quickly.

  • My medical opinion:

Xenical has been on the market for years. He has helped millions of people around the world lose weight. Like all products of this type, it has both strong and weak points.

The positive points of Xenical:
  • Xenical really acts on fat absorption, which it naturally eliminates
  • The action over time allows you to lose kilos, serenely.
  • It offers the possibility of fighting high blood pressure, among other things…
The negative points of Xenical:
  • Taking Xenical can cause diarrhea in the early stages of this treatment
  • It cannot be taken by people with a BMI of less than 27.

The drug Saxenda to accompany weight loss

  • Product presentation :

No tablets to swallow here. Saxendra comes in the form of injection pens to be administered every day. The product must be kept in a cool place in a refrigerator. You can choose the injection site: Thigh, upper arm or abdomen. However, it is necessary to go crescendo with this product. The low dose at the beginning of treatment increases with each week of treatment. This food supplement is prescribed for people with a BMI of at least 27; if health problems endanger the user.

  • Fat-burning ingredients and active ingredient

The active agent on this treatment is liraglutide. This molecule migrates into the stomach where it takes up space. In concrete terms, you feel less hungry, because your stomach seems already full. Eating less reduces your weight over the weeks. When you order this product, you receive 5 pens for a 44-day treatment. Taking this treatment corresponds to the effect of a by pass, without surgery. The stomach is not smaller, but the molecule fills it up to a very large extent to facilitate weight loss.

  • My medical opinion:

Saxendra’s strengths:
  • Taking up space in the stomach makes you feel less hungry, you don’t feel hungry, which scares many people who want to lose weight.
  • You can start losing weight significantly in 12 weeks.
The weak points of Saxendra:
  • The fact that this is done in the form of injection can discourage people who do not like needles, even if it is very thin and painless,
  • Gastrointestinal problems can occur, depending on the person.

Mysimba, an effective slimming ally

  • Product presentation

Recently launched on the market, Mysimba is already a great success in the United States, where obesity rates are very high. When asked why people had difficulty eating less, many respond that they are afraid of being hungry. However, if the brain does not send this information, we eat less, obviously. This is how this treatment works to lose weight quickly. This treatment is especially recommended for people who cannot help but snack and who are obese (BMI greater than 30 or 27 with significant health problems associated). However, it has been proven that snacking, which can be translated as eating continuously, even outside mealtimes, is extremely unhealthy. Apart from the kilos that accumulate, the stomach never rests, as does the entire intestinal system.

  • Fat-burning ingredients and active ingredient:

Here, these are two molecules that work together to make people lose weight. Bupropion and naltrexone increase for the first, the level of dopamine in the brain. The combined action of the two makes it possible not to feel hungry, but also to manage the body’s energy. We want to eat less, so we eat less, without it affecting the energy in the body. So you can move more, burn more calories. All these actions allow you to lose weight without feeling hungry.

  • My medical opinion

Mysimba’s strengths:
  • Mysimba is an effective treatment when food absorption is seen as an addiction. This effectively reduces the number of catches,
  • People do not feel hungry, which helps them in their weight loss.
The weak points of Mysimba:
  • You must be obese to be able to take Mysimba: If you only need to lose 5 kilos to get into your bathing suit, this treatment is not for you.
  • Medical follow-up is required to ensure that weight loss is carried out in the right conditions.

Alli, the over-the-counter weight loss drug star

  • Product presentation

Alli was very successful when it was released in 2009, because it was revolutionary at the time. This was the first time that a treatment was put on the market to specifically fight obesity. However, its use has been somewhat distorted by people with only a few kilos to lose. This was not appropriate and not without danger. People who are really overweight, taking up to 3 tablets a day will see their weight decrease. Of course, you have to eat a reasonable amount of food and do some physical activity.

  • Fat-burning ingredients and active ingredient:

In Alli we find the famous Orlistat. This active ingredient captures fat before it spreads through the body, to prevent it from being stored. A quarter of the fat would be eliminated at each meal! By passing them quickly through the stool, it is easy to burn fat, but also to lose weight. The rate is less concentrated in Alli than in Xenical, but since weight loss takes place over time, it does not matter much. Especially since people with proven obesity see their kilos disappear quickly, at the beginning of the process, if they start eating less. This treatment is not long-term: Do not exceed 6 months of treatment.

  • My medical opinion

Alli’s strengths:
  • Since its launch, this product has enabled many people to lose weight!
  • It is easy to take and allows you to lose over time, even in phases where weight loss is stagnant.
Alli’s weaknesses:
  • It is possible to have diarrhea during the first month of testing
  • This side effect increases if you want to take Alli in addition to a fatty meal! It is better to continue eating a balanced diet!

Orlistat, the generic version of the drug Xenical

  • Product presentation

Does that name ring a bell? Yes, this is the active ingredient in many fat burning products. This is the generic of Xenical. When a drug is reworked to become a generic, it is common for the name of the active ingredient it contains to be used. A generic drug has the same functions and efficacy as the original drug.

  • Fat-burning ingredients and active ingredient:

Orlistat concentrates and eliminates fat before it has had time to reach the intestines. 3 tablets per day, thus eliminating a quarter of the fat! It is recommended to take a pill with each meal.

  • My medical opinion

Orlistat’s strengths:
  • Being a generic, it is cheaper than the original drug, with the same effectiveness.
  • It allows you to capture fat at ¼ at every meal, which allows for obvious weight loss.
The weak points of Orlistat:
  • It is possible to have diarrhea by taking this treatment.

When you are suffering from massive overweight, it is important not to be discouraged in your weight loss. Especially since it must be done slowly and regularly. By taking a weight loss medication, in addition to better eating habits, it is possible to lose more easily. By combining this with regular physical activity, you can say goodbye to your obesity. A healthy gesture before anything else…..

There are many medications for losing weight. Some require a medical prescription, while others are available over-the-counter at pharmacies.

What is fitness weight and what is better eating?

The fitness weight is not the ideal weight. The ideal weight is the weight you would like to weigh, without taking into account many factors, such as age, height, physical activity, etc. It results from a desire, from a comparison with other people. This number of fantasized kilos comes from the images conveyed by the press in particular. The women are slender, ethereal. And not a reflection of what French women are.

What is fitness weight? Can it be reached without medication?

Fitness weight is the weight where you feel good and healthy. It is therefore preferable to determine a fitness weight so that the slimming objective is more achievable.

We must pay more attention to our Body Mass Index, the famous BMI. This index takes into account height and weight, to tell you if you are within the norm or if you are endangering your body with too much thinness or obesity. And if we’re not talking about obesity, overweight.

As its name suggests, overload can have repercussions on the back, among other things: The body “carries a higher load”.

In this case, we often want to unwind and lose weight. If some people rush to fashionable diets, it is clear that they all have the same result: The kilos come and go, often accompanied by a few friends. It is better to review your overall diet to slim down more slowly, but more sustainably…

What is better eating? Tips for natural weight loss

Eating better is a set of common sense actions. Yet, quite simply, depending on our history, our experience, our daily lives, these actions are difficult to implement.

  1. Favour the homemade: We come back to it more and more. Food and health scandals are a major factor, but not only. Rising prices, the impression of spending less time with the family, all this has been a factor in raising awareness. The offer is more and more insane, everything is too fat, too sweet. Let’s get back to the basics. Good products, which are paid for as fairly as possible, without going through intermediaries. Thus the purchase of vegetable baskets is on the rise and many French people like to go to the market to buy fresh produce. It is then time to prepare delicious recipes that do not take too long. In this context, we have seen the appearance of “Batch cooking”, the act of spending time on weekends preparing meals for the whole week. Saving time, on other days, you also spend time with your family!
  2. Take time to eat: Even if the French have the most time at the table, they don’t have much time to prepare. There is no need in this sense to undertake very complicated recipes so that everyone can enjoy themselves at a lower cost. Once at the table, we savour; we take the time to chew. Why? Why? Because otherwise, you don’t feel full. This signal reaching the brain is very important. Because, as a human being, we are normally programmed to stop eating once we have had our quota. The body has ingested what is necessary to perform the tasks assigned to it: walking, working, breathing. If you eat too fast, the signal arrives with a delay and the kilos pile up.
  3. Don’t refill: It’s very good then, do you want some more? Yes, it’s tempting, but it’s better to abstain. The ideal way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of calories you need, to reach the right number, depending on your age, gender and daily activity. Some people will adopt the idea of eating from a dessert plate. Others, who like the idea of having a lot on the plate, will choose to put a lot of food on the plate, but with a low index finger. This will give them the impression of eating a lot, without making the balance swing on the wrong side.
  4. Waste: “We must not waste”. “There are people starving to death.” These are sentences that have been heard since childhood. And they are true. But not to waste is not to finish everyone’s plates, so as not to throw anything in the garbage. There are other solutions. Put it in the fridge and learn to accommodate leftovers; as our mothers and grandmothers did so well. And if you don’t want to eat the same thing several times, you freeze.
  5. Drinking water: Of course, we forget sweet drinks, sodas that make the stomach swell and are full of fast sugars. We alternate with herbal teas, green or red tea. The latter has the particularity of not containing theine, which is an exciting. It is therefore possible to drink it all the time, without saying goodbye to your sleep.
  6. Sleep well: We can never say it enough: Sleep has a role in the kilos you gain. Very serious studies that many overweight people suffered from poor quality sleep. So, we think about changing our bedding every ten years, we don’t sleep in an overheated room and we don’t look at the screens before going to bed. And last advice: As soon as you feel sleepy, you go to bed.
  7. Moving: Not a sports fan? There are tons of activities that eliminate calories without becoming a gym fan. Walking for an hour at 6 km/hour, you will already lose 400 calories. Gardening or cleaning is a great way to burn calories from meals.

Are you applying all this very good advice? As you can see, we never talk here about starving ourselves, but about being consistent in our slimming approach.

However, we must admit that if we have understood that slimming must be done in the long term, to be sure not to resume, we want to see results. So as not to lose our great motivation. Slimming medications can help you in this regard.

They are to be taken in addition to this reasoned diet which is now yours. If, in addition, you have decided to move more, they can only accelerate the weight loss process.

There are many products on the market. It can be difficult to make the right choice. Also, we have compiled a list of the 5 most effective slimming aids of the moment. We have drawn up a detailed portrait of it. You will then be in a better position to see which one best meets your expectations.