Oenobiol : composition, effects and objective test

If you want to lose weight, or even maintain your current weight, you may have heard of slimming solutions like Oenobiol. This capsule would indeed facilitate your efforts thanks to its rich composition of active ingredients burns fat. But the praise that can be made on television sometimes has the opposite effect on consumers. And some may fear that this product, presented as a “miracle” is not as effective as it claims. And not necessarily safe for your health.

In this article, we present you its composition, as well as the effects that you can expect from Oenobiol Slimming. But also our opinion after having tested it for a month. And the advantages and disadvantages of this solution to lose weight.

Small presentation of Oenobiol

Oenobiol Boost Slimming is part of a wider range developed by its manufacturer. Oenobiol has already developed many solutions to facilitate weight loss. And especially :

  • Oenobiol 3 in 1 sensor;
  • Mental Control;
  • Liporéducteur;
  • and finally, the Slimming Activator.

Oenobiol’s latest brand, the Slimming Boost is a dietary supplement that should allow you to burn more easily the calories you ingest during your meals. In total almost 400 kcal per day. To do this, your cure Oenobiol Slimming must of course be part of a broader approach. Namely the adoption of a healthy and balanced diet. But also regular and sustained physical activity. This is the key to losing weight, and avoiding the yoyo effect.

But its effects are primarily allowed thanks to its composition. And especially its content of Wakame extract (or fucoxanthin). So let’s look at the active ingredients contained in the Oenobiol Boost Slimming.

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Its composition

Several natural ingredients make up the Oenobiol Slimming. And especially :

  • Glucomannan: this active molecule is extracted from a Japanese plant known for its slimming and appetite suppressant.
  • Wakame extract (at a rate of 100 mg per capsule). This is the other major slimming asset of Oenobiol. This seaweed, used in the preparation of some Asian dishes (such as soup and sushi) is low calorie because it contains almost only water. Rich in fiber, calcium, antioxidants and calcium, it is.
  • Pomegranate seed oil (at a rate of 100 mg per capsule);
  • Gelatin
  • Dyes (titanium dioxide, iron oxide and carmals);
  • Natural flavors.

At the level of the composition it is not 100% natural but we get closer, with. Anti-caking agent (sodium bicarbonate) considered as harmless to date, titanium dioxide dye which is to be avoided as well as shellac or sucralose (artificial sweetener) … but hey, today it becomes very hardavoid all these food additives that are everywhere around us.

What are the effects of Oenobiol Boost Slimming?

Now let’s go to the results you can get by following a course of Oenobiol Boost Slimming. This slimming solution will help you to:

  • limit your appetite
  • lower your glycemic level
  • and find a flat stomach.

An appetite suppressant

The main advantage of Oenobiol Slimming is to help you reduce your caloric intake by limiting your appetite. It is the fiber Glucomannan contained in the Konjac and the high water content of the seaweed Wakame that we owe this appetite suppressant effect.

Indeed, the first will form a gel in your stomach. And the second by filling it artificially. Sending your brain the message you have eaten enough. You will therefore have the feeling of being satisfied more quickly. And much less want to nibble between meals.

What will help you decrease your portions and the number of calories you ingest. But also to melt your adipose tissue. And thus allow you to lose your extra pounds (in the form of water, but also muscle glycogen) faster.

Oenobiol Boost Slimming will also mobilize the fats stored by your body and break them down so that they are transformed into energy (by boosting your metabolism). Or eliminated through your seals. Result: you will lose your fat tissue. However, for lipolysis to activate, it is necessary that you follow a healthy diet.

The reduction of your sugar level

The second interesting effect of Oenobiol Slimming is that it will help you reduce your blood glucose level. This has several advantages when you want to lose weight:

  • Better manage your energy resources
  • Boost the burning of your fat by avoiding that those you ingest are stored but turning them into energy. This will also allow you to lower your cholesterol, the so-called cholesterol lowering effect.
  • Stimulate your insulin, which will promote the melting of your adipose tissue.

Melting of your abdominal fat

If you want to find a flat stomach, you will have to work on several fronts. The first is to play sports, and in particular cladding exercises. Indeed, these allow to work your transverse muscle.

Then you will have to follow a fat burning diet. The latter is indeed essential to melt your abdominal and visceral fat.

Finally, you should avoid bloating and constipation that can give an inflated appearance to your belly. For that, we put on foods rich in fiber, which accelerate your intestinal transit. And among them, we find the Konjac precisely, one of the main ingredients of the Oenobiol Slimming.

The recommended dosage

Before starting a course of Oenobiol, it is important to know the dosage indicated by its manufacturer. When you buy a box of this slimming supplement, you will have 90 capsules that correspond to 30 days of use. Thus, the dosage to follow is as follows:

  • Take 3 capsules a day, one for each meal;
  • The decision should be made preferably 30 minutes before going to table (which is not always practical, but an alarm on your mobile should help you to respect this instruction). You can swallow your capsule with a full glass of water. Without taste or smell, this should not in any case interfere with your appetite.

Potential side effects

The advantage of Oenobiol on other slimming supplements that you can find in pharmacy or on the Internet is that it has very little risk of adverse effects. It is indeed perfectly safe to consume.

The only notorious side effects are the possibility of suffering diarrhea, vomiting or gas. However, they are observed only in people who do not respect the doses. So do not consider increasing the dosage thinking to boost the effects of Oenobiol Slimming, it does not work. And is dangerous for your health.

Oenobiol Boost Slimming Review: Is this supplement really effective?

Now let’s go to our opinion about Oenobiol Boost Slimming. Many studies conducted on glucomannan have proved that this active ingredient was effective in losing weight. But what about the formula of this slim supplement?

If its price can be quite dissuasive (count 30 euros for a box of 90 capsules that will hold you a month) and it is advisable to continue your efforts over 3 months to obtain real results, our experience with Oenobiol Slimming was relatively positive.

It’s certainly not the most effective dietary supplement we’ve tested (especially if you’re looking for fast results). And that there is clearly a lack of support, especially on the procedure to follow after your cure to avoid the effect yoyo, it is an effective boost to get rid of your extra pounds. And since there are no side effects, it’s a safe solution that will not take you to unnecessary risks with your health.

Our testimony after having tested it

I myself tested Oenobiol Boost Slimming capsules. I took 7 pounds after a pregnancy that I had a lot of trouble losing. And that made me feel bad about myself. I was looking for a solution to help me regulate my appetite and caloric intake, which I thought was the main obstacle that prevented me from finding the line in a sustainable way.

So I started to be interested in this solution developed by Oenobiol. I had already heard about the natural properties of Konjac and Wakame seaweed during a previous trip to Asia. And the natural composition of Boost Slimming immediately attracted me. So I decided to test it. After consulting the opinions of previous users, I planned a three-month course. Because I considered that it was the best way to lose my 7 kilos in a healthy way, and especially durable.

I must say that my cure has not always been easy. Indeed, you have to be really patient and I had to wait at least 2 weeks before seeing the first results. My appetite has gradually decreased, but for the burn fat effect (especially on the stomach), do not be in a hurry.

How I lost weight with Oenobiol Slimming

In terms of dosage, it is not always easy to follow. But with a little organization, you end up getting used to taking your capsule before eating. Of course, you must also be fairly strict about your diet. I reduced my fat intake (no more butter or cream, two of my cute sins). And a regular sport practice is mandatory to observe real changes.

But after three months of effort and rigor, I managed to lose 8 kilos. That’s a kilo more than I had hoped! I am very happy with the result. I know that some slimming products promise such results in a lot less time (sometimes in just a few weeks). But I consider that a healthy loss is done in the long run.

I stopped my Oenobiol treatment for 2 months, and I still have not gained weight. Since I have not experienced any side effects, I think I will start again episodically (before the summer or after Christmas, for example).

To conclude: the advantages and disadvantages

Let’s conclude this article with the positive and negative points of Oenobiol Boost Slimming.

For the benefits, mention must be made of:

  • its very practical packaging: a box of 90 capsules that you can take everywhere with you. And who will you hold all the month?
  • capsules without taste or smell very easy to take;
  • a healthy and lasting weight loss and no yoyo effect.

And for the disadvantages:

  • Oenobiol is effective only for a long time;
  • its price is quite substantial;
  • the lack of advice to avoid regaining weight once the program Oenobiol Boost Slimming finished;
  • the dosage that is not always easy to hold.

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