TOP 25 Burn Fat Foods Efficient for natural weight loss

Nature is well made !

Indeed, rather than submitting to restrictive diets and trying fashionable diets as wacky as dangerous sometimes for health, the simplest would not it be to integrate into his diet foods naturally fat-burning?

Exit creams, pills and other diet herbal teas! Discover the top 25 foods that will naturally help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, refine your silhouette and help you control your hunger.

The ranking of 25 foods burns natural fat

Garcinia Cambogia

is undoubtedly the most famous but also the most effective fat burning food. True champion of fat burning, this fruit from Asia has in addition to the virtues cut hunger, very useful for fighting the extra pounds. It is thanks to its high content of hydroxycitric acid (AHC) that Garcinia Cambogia can easily burn fat. Many animal studies show that AHC prevents fat cells from storing fat. In other words, it is possible to eat sweet without storing fat.

This fruit is hard to find in the West, the easiest way to consume it and in the form of natural food supplements. Be careful to turn to 100% natural supplements and composed only of Garcinia Cambogia extract.

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Eggplant: the champion of fat burning foods

Champion to absorb fat, aubergine is a real sponge. Rich in saponin, it absorbs stored fat while facilitating intestinal transit and fights cellulite. Vegetable rich in antioxidant, the eggplant provides 18 kcal per 100 g and at the same time gives a feeling of satiety. It is rich in minerals, including potassium that detoxifies the body and pectin that lowers cholesterol levels. Whether eaten raw or cooked, this food is a true ally slimming. So do yourself a favor.


Appetite suppressant, fat-burning, the praises do not dry to qualify this fruit which is carried everywhere with oneself. The pectin it contains helps eliminate ingested fats and provide a feeling of fullness, limiting nibbling. Its consumption also reduces the production of insulin, hormone promoting weight gain. To consume preferably raw with the skin (rich in vitamins and fibers), with ideally cinnamon.

Lemon: a food that degreases!

With its high content of fiber, pectin and vitamin C, lemon has many virtues. It is a detoxifying fruit, satiating, antibacterial nature, useful to help drain the body and avoid bloating. Thanks to its acidity, the sugar content in the blood is reduced considerably. Associated with warm water in the morning, this food will prepare your liver to better digest food consumed throughout the day.

The Pineapple

Certainly one of the best fruits to lose weight, pineapple is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and bromelain, digestive enzyme and anti-inflammatory found mainly in its stem. Its raw or cooked consumption allows you to lose weight, break down cellulite and improve digestion. Antioxidant fruit and fat-burning, pineapple is good for the figure!

Oat bran

Ideal for moderating hunger, regulating appetite and limiting snacking, oat bran is not just for athletes. Rich in fiber, it can capture ingested fat. Providing a feeling of fullness, and ideal for intestinal comfort, oat bran sprinkles on almost anything you eat … a good reason to integrate it into our daily meals.


If it is not often cited among the most popular slimming foods, cinnamon is still a food burns fat. Little known as slimming food, cinnamon presents itself as a fat killer. According to recent studies, it limits the level of sugar in the blood, avoids the transformation of sugar into fat. Eating cinnamon helps you control your blood sugar levels. It is advisable to substitute the cinnamon sugar for its delicious taste. Rich in fiber, it is also an appetite suppressant. It combines perfectly with yogurt, dishes, desserts, white cheeses, etc. In addition, it gives your dishes an exotic taste.

Green tea

A recognized and undisputed fat burner, green tea is rich in catechin that boosts metabolism and energy elimination (it allows the liver to burn fat more quickly), and tannins that prevent the assimilation of fat. Some studies recommend drinking five cups of green tea a day and combining it with three hours of sport (walking for example) a week, to lose weight significantly, especially abdominal fat. In addition to being a fat killer, green tea has other virtues: it helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion are reputed as anti-obesity foods, useful to limit the assimilation of fats. In addition to bringing flavor to the dishes, these two foods are beneficial to the body. Garlic, for example, would burn a maximum of calories thanks to its thermogenic effect.


Ideal for controlling blood sugar, ginger is not only an ally for people who want to lose weight, but also for people with diabetes. Its consumption allows to increase the body temperature and accelerate the energy elimination. It also provides a satiety effect, allowing better control of appetite and weight loss.

The papaya

Rich in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus, papaya is a non-caloric fruit considered to be one of the best fat burning foods. The consumption of this exotic fruit not only allows to feel a satiety effect, to refine, to have better drainage and to improve the proper functioning of the immune system. Its virtues are due to its enzyme, papain, which allows to break down certain lipids and sugars, to absorb excess fat, to break cellulite by attacking collagen, to eliminate orange peel

The pepper

From the pepper family, pepper stimulates the metabolism and provides a feeling of satiety at the end of the meal. The consumption of this small sweet pepper rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and capsaicin, allows to burn more calories and therefore to refine. In addition to coloring salads, among others, it can be eaten raw or cooked and benefit from its benefits.


Low calorie food, broccoli is high in fiber, making it a very effective fat burning food. Indeed, it burns a maximum of energy at the time of digestion. Rich in vitamin C, broccoli is a good antioxidant with many virtues: natural appetite suppressant, improves intestinal transit, limits the accumulation of fat and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Coffee: a true natural drainer

Coffee is a fat burning food that has already proven itself. Rich in caffeine that the slimming industry pulls particularly for its ability to boost the elimination of dimpling, coffee has many virtues. Its early morning consumption helps to activate the elimination of fat


A natural appetite suppressant, parsley is not just an aromatic plant. It is a plant rich in fiber and vitamin C that help to make it an effective fat burning food. Its consumption in infusion or raw, allows to eliminate the toxins of the blood, to limit the assimilation of the fats in the body and to regulate the appetite.


Turmeric is a spice rich in curcumin, an enzyme useful for eliminating abdominal fat and thinning at the waist. Menus composed of turmeric can control weight, limit weight gain or lose weight depending on quantities taken.


Still called kale, kale is a variety of green cabbage. It’s the star of detox diets. Rich in vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K and fiber, Kale limits the absorption of glucose in the blood. Its properties allow it to be a powerful antioxidant and an excellent anti-inflammatory, to have a draining and decongesting effect.


Rich in vitamin C, orange is one of the best foods burns fat. Sufficient and regular consumption of oranges would reduce cholesterol, insulin and blood glucose levels. It is the ideal fruit to integrate into the daily menu of diabetic people. People who want to lose weight can maximize the results by combining consumption of orange and sport. It is recommended to drink it before beginning physical exercise to burn more than 30% fat.

The tomato

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the tomato is low calorie and its consumption is particularly indicated for people suffering from diabetes. A regular consumption of tomatoes would limit the assimilation of cellulite and fats thanks to their high content of vitamin C.

The chilli

The hot pepper is rich in capsaicin, useful for burning fat and losing weight. Its consumption is recommended for people suffering from obesity or having at least one overweight. According to some studies, people who do not support chilli can consume sweet pepper and enjoy the same virtues.


Like almost all citrus fruits, grapefruit has many virtues and is one of the most popular slimming foods. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that protect the body. Its high water content is also beneficial since it ensures the renewal of cells, improves the hydration of the body and allows weight loss.

The melon

Melon has many virtues thanks to its components. It is a natural laxative whose consumption improves the intestinal transit and the elimination of fats. By eating it regularly, you can better control its weight. Low calorie and rich in slow sugars, the melon is ideally consumed as a snack or dessert. It is believed that one of the components, citrulline, would also improve cardiovascular health.

Flax seeds

Flaxseed consumption has an effect on cholesterol levels. Consumed whole or ground and regularly, they allow not only to adopt a healthy diet, but also to allow a natural weight loss.

The pear

Considered a good food burns fat, pear, rich in soluble fiber, provides a feeling of fullness and this, long after eating. By including it in its diet, it regulates its appetite, it absorbs fewer calories and is filled with energy. Pear is also known to prevent certain cancers and improve the immune system.

The vinegar

Vinegar is a recommended fat burning food, useful to moderate appetite. By lowering the level of blood sugar in the body, it limits the assimilation of sugar in the blood, to provide a feeling of fullness and ultimately lose weight. According to one study, vinegar would also allow the storage of fats in the body. By combining it with fiber, it boosts the elimination of fat and the moderation of the appetite.